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Just like any other muscel that you have in your body, your eyes need to be exercised in order to keep them in good health and good working order.

When you don't exercise your arms for example, they don't retain their strength and so you find you can not lift as heavy items as you could before.


This means they might loose focus or deterierate over a period of time

The same applies to your eyes, when you do not exercise your eye muscels, you find that they do not work as well as the previously did, and over a long period of time you will notice your vision start to deteriorate.

What Exercises Can I Do To Improve My Eye Health?

There are a number of different exercises that opticians and medical professionals a like recommend that you spend fraction of your day doing in order to keep your eyes in good working order.

The first exercise you can do at home to help improve your eye health is to train your eye's focus.

You can do this by holding an object a pen, at pens length away from your eye. Focus on the tip of the pen for 10 seconds.

After the 10 seconds, focus on an object, for example a door handle of a cup, that is over 5 metres away in the distance.

This helps your muscles that focuses your eyes to give you better overall focus.

To help with the movement of your eye ball, there are also certain exercises that you can do.

Firstly, move your eyes from side to side, then up and down, and then diagonally.

Repeat this 10 times at intervals throughout the day.

Another exercise you can do is to hold a pen at arms length away from your face and focus on the point, then move the pen slowly towards the middle of your nose whilst still focusing on the tip. Stop when the pen starts to go multiply, and then move away slowly again.

Repeat this movement around 10 times.

This also helps to improve the focus on your eyes.

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