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Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine which focuses completely on eye related problems and diseases. It includes different aye problems like glaucoma, vision problems and cataracts etc. people who are looking forward to make career in ophthalmology need to consider number of factors from their studies to their jobs. Ophthalmology needs a lot of dedication and focus at all the stages whether it is your studies, your practice, your job or performing surgeries. If you are still confused whether you should pursue you career in ophthalmology or not, here are a few details to make it easy for you to decide your career direction.



A person who wants to enter into the medical stream should be ready to spend long time in school. If we talk of ophthalmology field, it requires a person to invest four years in undergraduate school, then four years in medical school, one year internship and minimum three years in residency training program. If you are looking forward to work in a particular state you will have to take an additional board exam which will make you eligible to practice in that state. This board exam is very detailed in which two part test is given by the American Board of Ophthalmology. If you are prepared for it and still want to opt for this, you have a chance to make a mark in this field.

Working with People

As an ophthalmologist you need to find ophthalmology jobs and help people and for this you will have to work closely with different type of people. As an ophthalmologist you will have the responsibility of diagnosing different eye diseases and many other eye related problems. In order to get details of the symptoms and other problems of the patients you need to interact with them and talk to them. Apart from this you can also do eye examination and prescribe the patients glasses and contacts. In this profession you will find different people some of them might not find wearing contacts or glasses comfortable. In this kind of situation as a doctor it's your duty to make them feel comfortable with the process. In nutshell you should always be ready to handle different kind of people every day.


There is a difference between optometry and ophthalmology. People who just want to work as eye examiner and want to prescribe contact lens and glasses should opt for optometry. People who find operating someone's eye interesting should opt for ophthalmology. As an ophthalmologist you may have to perform different eye surgeries like Lasik surgery. By this surgery you help people in getting rid of glasses and contacts and see the world clearly without glasses. With different surgeries you will not only correct the patients' vision, you will also help them get relief from other eye diseases.


After completing the course if an ophthalmologist wants to run his personal office he needs to run it professionally. For this he needs good staff to take care of scheduling appointments, making patients records, patients' primary consultation, billing and many other things. You staff should be professional and qualified.

Job and other career options

Apart from personal practice as an ophthalmologist you have many other options as well. If you want some more practice before starting your own clinic you can join any hospital. You can also become a trainer or professor. You can go for specialized practice.

If you are all set to make your career in ophthalmologist just be ready to strive hard and help people get rid of their eye problems. Find ophthalmology jobs available on different online eye care job portals and apply for best eye care job today only.

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