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It is possible to reduce the signs of aging and fatigue around the eyes through cosmetic eyelid enhancement. This eyelid surgery is also called blepharoplasty and is a cosmetic enhancement procedure that helps rejuvenate the skin around your eyes to make you look years younger.

The benefits of this surgery include the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and bagginess around the eyes. It is also performed to remove the excess skin found on upper eyelids that obstructs your vision.


The procedure

An eyelid enhancement surgery is performed either on the lower or upper eyelid regions or both, depending on your requirements. The upper eyelid surgery is performed for those who experience obstructed vision because of lax and sagging skin located above the eyelids. This surgery will most probably have insurance coverage and is most beneficial for patients affected by signs of aging and fatigue in these areas.

The surgeon will remove the excess skin found here and tighten the remaining skin and cheek tissues to give you a smooth and youthful appearance. As incisions are made in the creases of upper eyelids, the residual scarring can hardly be seen after the surgery.

Lower eyelid surgery

In case of lower eyelid enhancement surgery, it is performed to reduce any under eye bags and puffiness. The surgeon will make a discreet incision on the back side of the pink part of the eyelid. It is through this incision that the surgeon removes excess fat, muscle and skin and if required, the surgeon will also pull the skin here taut to create a smooth and rested appearance.

Based on the amount of skin and fat to be removed, and the amount of creases on the eyelids, a typical eyelid enhancement surgery takes about one to two hours to complete. This is why this operation can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Choose the right surgeon

However as this is a very delicate surgery involving your delicate eyes, it is important that you consult and have your surgery performed by an experienced and competent surgeon. Take a look at the number of successful eyelid enhancement surgeries the doctor has performed and if possible, look at a few before and after pictures of the surgeon's past patients.

You will thus be able to judge, and decide which surgeon is the best person to approach for your eyelid enhancement surgery.

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