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Have you ever had a sty in your eye?? Styes are tender, arduous small bumps that plant themselves at the connecting part of an eyelash, or under or inside an eyelid. Usually resulting from some sort of infection of the hair follicles up in and near the eyelids, styes can be very painful and irritating. Resembling that of a pimple, on your eyelid, styes make themselves well known and definitely seen. If you've never had to deal with a sty before, you are pretty lucky, as they can show up in just about everyone! So, how do you know if you've got a sty? Or perhaps more importantly, how can you treat it?? Let's discuss…

When a sty starts to appear on your eye, there are always some sort of signs or symptoms first. Usually, your symptoms start with soreness, and mild inflammation around the area; you may even catch yourself rubbing your eyes quite a bit as they will be noticeably aggravated by swelling and extra fluid. Still before the sty arises, the symptoms will most likely tend to get worse. Your eyes may start to become sensitive to lighted areas and have discomfort when blinking. Styes are usually fairly small pus-filled bumps on the area of your eyelids near your tear ducts.


Typically, most styes will drain of the pus all on their own and do not usually need additional manipulation. However, there are some tricks to help alleviate the irritation, and give hope to the sty releasing earlier rather than later. It is advised that a warm compress or warm wet washcloth should be applied to the eye in question for about ten to fifteen minutes several times a day (typically at least five times per day). This warm remedy should not be forced on the eye infected with the sty, but instead used to aid in the relief of all of the symptoms. On rare occasions, medical attention will be required. If the stye does not go away within a week and a half, check with your local physician for more details on what they are able to offer you.

While there is certainly no specific prevention method of steering clear of styes, there are several ways to try and prevent them. It is first and foremost important that when you are already suffering from a sty, you should not be doing or putting anything anywhere near your eyes (like eye make-up, etc). Additionally, you want to try to refrain from touching the areas around your eyes as to not irritate the sty further, or spread the bacteria around. However, before ever suffering from a sty, it's always important to keep goo optical hygiene. Anything that will be touching your eyes on a regular basis should be kept clean and no shared with anyone else.

In an attempt to leave your eyes alone and certainly not spread the bacteria of the sty anywhere else, it is important to refrain from wearing eye make-up or contacts during the time you are dealing with the arrival of a sty. Prescription glasses are a great alternative when dealing with the stressors of a sty in your eye – this is particularly the case when you generally wear contacts. Eyeglasses frames will allow your eyes to breath and be left alone, without taking away your sight; so even if you do not always wear them, you should have a spare pair laying around for times that they are important to have. Well, now you are prepared for the next time you may be infected by a sty in your eye.

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