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Eyes are invaluable and preserving their health should be at the top of everyone's priority. Damage to these extremely sensitive organs can stifle your life-experience drastically. Diminished eyesight is a serious handicap and can result in many other unwanted consequences. And therefore, when it comes to the safety and clarity of your vision, investing in a good pair of glasses is a smart choice. Wearing sunglasses is a secure way of helping your eyes to keep away from the harmful effect of the sunrays. Eyes, being one of the most sensitive of human organs, can be susceptible to serious injury, if left unprotected under the scorching sun. Sunglasses provide the much desired protective shield and a cooling effect. Sunglasses come under two distinct categories. One is the non-glasses and the other one is prescription glasses. Although both offer protection from sunlight, the glasses also help correct your vision deficiency. If you have been diagnosed for a refractive error, then wearing a pair of prescription sunglasses is the way to go.

Advantages of wearing Prescription Glasses
Prescription glasses are a convenient choice for your vision problems and a beneficial investment in the long run. Since they provide two advantages at one time, they are the perfect choice for your defective eyesight over other options that deal with only one problem at a time. Wearing contact lenses can be uncomfortable and impractical on occasions like bathing in the sea-waters or swimming in a pool. Although they offer vision correction, they cannot protect from the harm caused by sunrays, sand, salty water, etc. This can result in irritation and itching in the eyes. Wearing glasses protect from these while at the same time helping your eyesight.


Different Types of Prescription Glasses to Suit Different Needs
Prescription glasses come in nearly as many styles and frames as their non-prescription counterpart. Many prominent brands like Benetton, Blue Bay, Carrera, Diesel, Ray Ban, Elle, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, etc. have their special offerings of fashionable prescription eyeglasses. Besides varying shapes and styles, they also offer these glasses with different shades of colors and tints to choose from.

Prescription Glasses come with Many Types of Lenses
The material used for glasses is also diverse. Glass lenses have been used traditionally and are considered to offer the highest optical quality and clarity. But with changing times, more convenient and lightweight materials such as plastic, polycarbonate and Trivex have taken its place in the eyeglasses market. The popular 'transition lenses' or photo-chromic lenses darken or lighten depending upon the intensity of the sunlight. Invest in a good pair of glasses and your eyes will be grateful to you for your entire lifetime.

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