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Nowadays, many people are suffering with problems like myopia and hyperopia and so they are forced to wear eyeglasses. However, they can increase vision power naturally and so they can get out of the hassle of wearing glasses in a natural manner. Here are some details that will help these people:

Generally, the visual system of the human body works for seeing the things around and without eyesight it is hard to know about the beautiful things around the world. There are different reasons behind weakness of vision and here are the most common reasons:


  1. Uneven lifestyle
  2. Watching television or computer without blinking for longer hours
  3. Working on computer for longer hours without taking break in-between
  4. Diet with fewer nutrition and
  5. Hereditary disorders.

For those looking to increase vision power, here are some useful tips:

Tips to improve vision:

  1. It is better to try some eye exercises to get rid of glasses and power eyesight
  2. It would be useful to take proper diet like including green leafy vegetables, fruits and salads
  3. Triphala powder is known to be effective in improving eyesight and it is stated as one of the best herbal eye care remedies.
  4. Eating Indian gooseberry in any form can help in eyesight improvement
  5. More vitamin and protein supplements can help
  6. Taking nutritious diet will help
  7. Earlier, ghee that was extracted from cow's butter was recommended as eye drop to cure many eye related issues
  8. A minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily at nights is important
  9. It is also said that washing eyes regularly will help in protecting them from dryness and the resulting problems
  10. Black pepper is also effective. This is why it is added in many Indian foods as an important ingredient on a day-to-day basis.

Herbal remedy: People, who are hesitant about doing the above-mentioned things, can just use I-Lite capsules that are known to be effective herbal eye care remedies. This particular capsule has most of the above-mentioned herbs as its ingredient to increase vision power in a natural manner. For instance, some of the ingredients found in this capsule are honey, ghee, pepper, amla and triphala that were mentioned earlier in the tips given above. Not only these five ingredients, but this product has many other effective ingredients like: Shatavari, Cardamom, Licorice and Jyotishmati.

All these ingredients are known to bring about a natural improvement to the vision of individuals and so people looking for herbal eye care remedies can use I-Lite capsules to reap the best benefits from the effective natural ingredients present in this wonderful natural remedy.

All that is to be done by men and women looking for the best vision are to use this capsule once or twice a day with water or milk for 3 to 4 months to get an improvement to their eyesight.

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