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Young children can be picky when it comes to choosing eyeglasses. They often do not want to wear them. And when they do, they tend to not care for them as carefully as adults would. This is why choosing the right one for them is so important. It is a tough call for parents. Do you want your kid to wear a durable frame that is also comfortable? Or should you consider their sense of style and let them decide if they want to wear something that resembles a visor worn by their favorite superhero? Most parents would love to go with the former option, but they also need to ensure that it is attractive enough for the child to want to wear them. These useful tips can help you get your kid just the right kind of eyeglasses.

Follow Instructions


This is obviously a basic premise for children's health. There is a worrisome myth that leads one to believe that a minor eyesight issue can be corrected with anti-glare glasses. As a result, many parents make the mistake of picking up eyeglass without following the doctor's prescription. This will only end up making the kids' eyesight worse. Before you start looking for the frames get in touch with your optician for a full diagnosis.

Lens Thickness and Frame Weight

Lenses with high power were traditionally thick and heavy. This often resulted in heavy eyeglasses that were extremely uncomfortable, even for adults. Modern technology has solved the problem to a great extent, and now even high power eyeglasses come in extremely lightweight and thin designs. Also, whatever the thickness or power, opt for shatter-proof lenses and frames.

Design Matters

It doesn't matter if your kid is using them just for reading or full time. The designs vary for boys and girls. As for girls, you will find single bridge frames and double for boys. The fact is, they will only wear them if they like them. Kids are conscious about wearing their first pair of specs. Buy them something they are not ashamed to wear. They will be concerned about their friends teasing them. Allay their fears with a comfortable, but fashionable frame.

The Material

Usually, the frames for kids come in either plastic or metal. These days, the material is usually the same for adults and kids. Durability is extremely important as children will drop their eyeglasses a lot. Don't go only with plastic frames thinking they are a better choice for kids. You can find hypoallergenic materials and soft metals.

Look For Proper Fit

Try and pick frames that come with adjustable nose pads or nose rests. The power of the lenses required tends to vary a lot in growing children, so it is better to opt for a frame where the lenses can be changed easily. Hard plastic frames are usually a difficult or even impossible to adjust, but they do tend to be more durable for children. Frames that are easy to adjust will allow them to fit comfortably.

At the end of the day, you want your kid to be excited about wearing eyeglasses and take pride in them. A combination of style and comfort is a big help. Avoid very expensive frames, particularly for very young children as they will outgrow them or as they will eventually break.

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