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Squint eye (called Strabismus in the medical jargon) is one of the commonest vision related ailments that strike in the childhood. Undoubtedly, it is a traumatic situation for parents as well as kids because it occurs all of sudden. Thankfully, it is possible to cure it completely by consulting ophthalmologists in the best eye hospitals in Bangalore.

There is always a natural squint in the eyes of infants. It is because there is no coordination between the nerves that control the left and the right eye. However, it gets resolved automatically. Strabismus is different from the natural squint. It is a vision disorder that needs treatment.


Squint is troublesome for the little ones

Other than aesthetic issues, strabismus is incredibly inconvenient too. When the two eyes are unable to focus on a single point, kids have to turn their head for a better vision. Sometimes, the squint is not prominently visible, but the kid faces difficulty in seeing the objects. Hence, it is important that parents seek medical advice if they observe such abnormalities. Sometimes injuries or certain eye surgeries also cause strabismus. The reasons are unknown, but there are effective treatments.

Why does it happen?

Movement of the eyes is controlled by a set of muscles that work in a coordinated manner. They do not move together when there is a lack of coordination. Eyes appear like looking in two directions. There are four types of misalignments:

  1. Exotropia: The outward misalignment
  2. Esotropia: The inward misalignment
  3. Hypertropia: The upward misalignment
  4. Hypotropia: The downward misalignment

If remains untreated, strabismus can cause serious vision disorders. Deteriorated vision, multiple images, pain in the eyes, headache are a few aftereffects. Daily activities like driving, studying or working on the computer system become quite troublesome. Kids lose self-confidence and become timid and shy. Hence, it is recommended consulting the best eye hospitals in Bangalore as soon as possible. Early diagnosis increases the chance of success.

Prognosis and Diagnosis

First of all, doctors check the severity of the problem and assess whether it will be cured automatically (intermittent strabismus) or needs medical intervention (permanent strabismus). Expert doctors at the best eye hospitals in Bangalore suggest suitable treatment after investigating the problem. A majority of the problems get cured by muscular exercises, prism specs or masking. Surgical intervention is needed if the squint is severe and there are other complications as well.

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