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Medical science has reached such a level that it has brought a ray of hope among the people. If not today then tomorrow everyone knows that there will be a cure for all major diseases.

It is just to inform you that even if you are one eyed person, you should not lose your confidence because you can get your lost eye. This is called artificial eye. This artificial eye is not as perfect as the natural eye but the differences will remain unnoticed.


This is called ocular prosthesis in medical language. This company is the most reputed artificial eye company located in Kolkata. It has brilliantly and successfully provided numerous 'ocular prosthesis' to uncountable number of people from different region and even from outside India mainly from neighbor countries.

Under the owner and direction of Dr. Sumitra Agrawal, this company is a proud and recognized artificial eye clinic.

When you are here at artificial eye company then you need not worry about any future disturbances. A comprehensive medical treatment is done which ensures your safety and comfort. You will be able to adjust to your new eye very quickly without much complexity.

A customized ocular prosthetic contact lens is done according to the requirement. It is as good as natural eye because it can also withstand rain, heat of sun and cold weather. Move free and happily. It adapts to the socket temperature and do not get damaged, runs for longer time. It does not need quick replacement. The duplicate eye is manufactured using high quality material which is compatible and causes no allergic reactions.

There are people who have complaint of watering and excessive discharge; they have a option to get a new artificial eye from Dr. Sumitra Agrawal because of its high quality and advanced artificial eye. Dr. Sumitra is a recognized and qualified Ocularist. She has completed her education from Rajasthan, Kolkata and London. She is an experienced Ocularist and also a trainer of artificial eye Kolkata.

Here you are assured to get back your lost confidence due to high and advanced medical treatment.

Here is the list of services provided here:

  1. Customized artificial eye
  2. Custom sclera shell
  3. Low vision aids
  4. Crutch glasses for Ptosis
  5. Bandage contact lens
  6. Prosthetic contact lens
  7. Contact lens for albino patients
  8. Contact lens for color blindness
  9. All types of powered contact lenses and cosmetic contact lens
  10. Treatment of computer vision syndrome
  11. LASIK consultancy

Prosthetic services include:

  1. Artificial eye
  2. Spectacle prosthesis
  3. Artificial Ear
  4. Artificial Nose
  5. Artificial Finger
  6. Artificial Hair
  7. Cranial Wig/ cancer wig
  8. Artificial Breast

Talking about ocular prosthesis, it is nothing but an artificial device placed in the empty eye socket. It helps in maintaining shape and fellow good eye. It is very important because of many reasons:

  1. It avoids soft tissues from collapsing
  2. Maintains shape and contour of eyelids
  3. Helps in proper tear circulation
  4. Cleaning and lubricating the socket and lids

This is the list of wide medical services being provided. So, if you have any of the above related problem or need any related medical cure then wait no longer because you are wasting your every seconds of life being unhappy.

It has a website where you could gain many information related to various diseases and infections. Also, you can directly book an appointment online or contact through phone for personal informations. Get your various doubts and queries answered in a moment to be confident.

Kindly spread the contact of Artificial eye co. to people who are in need of such medical services. It can help them revive their lost happy life.

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