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Modern science has led to the development of new technologies that can greatly impact the quality of people's everyday lives. Optometry is one scientific field that has made great advances over the past few years. Traditionally, people had to obtain glasses when they had vision problems. Then contacts were developed, but the first contacts where hard lenses that were uncomfortable and could damage the eye. The invention of soft contact lenses greatly changed the lives of many people with impaired vision, but even soft contact lenses continue to develop in an attempt to add even more convenience to everyday life. Perhaps one of the greatest developments in soft contact lenses is the O2 Optix contact lenses.

Many contact lenses become dry over time, which can make the eyes feel tired, sore, or just uncomfortable. Eye drops designed for contact lenses can help with the irritation caused by dry contact lenses. Taking the lenses out and soaking them in contact solution for a few minutes can help add moisture back to them. However, people might not always have time to go to such lengths. Luckily, a new type of contact lens, the O2 Optix lens, makes it so that they no longer have to deal with eye irritability caused by dry contacts.


Optix lenses are designed to allow the eyes to breath. They are soft contact lenses that are made with a silicone hydrogel material, lotrafilcon B, and water. They also have a surface treatment that is designed to resist deposits that can make the eyes uncomfortable. Plus, they allow for an easy, constant flow of oxygen so that they give eyes a natural, healthy feel.

Optix contact lenses are so light on the eyes that they have been approved for daily wear as well as extended wear for up to a week, even at night while sleeping. Many contact lenses that are not made from the silicone hydrogel material and lotrafilcon B become much too dry for people to sleep in them or have their eyes closed over them for any length of time. Optix contact lenses are comprised of approximately 33% water, though, so they add moisture to the eyes as well as help the eyes retain moisture.

In order for Optix contact lenses to continue doing what they are designed to do, that is, to make the eyes breath more, they must be properly cared for. Contact lenses should always be rinsed and soaked in contact solution. Never rinse or soak contact lenses in water. The reason for this is because tap water contains chlorine, minerals, and micro-organisms. When these come in contact with the eyes, the eyes can become infected, leading to serious complications.

Also, changing contact lenses as recommended by one's optometrist is essential to retaining optimum vision as well as minimizing the risk of infection. Most contact lenses need to be changed every one to two weeks, although some may last as long as a month. Only one's optometrist is qualified to determine how frequently one should change his or her lenses because how frequently the lenses need to be changed is determined not only by the material of the lens, but also on the individual's needs. Additionally, the contact lens storage container should be thoroughly cleansed daily. Use contact solution to cleanse the container. Do not use water. Always allow the container to air dry. After three to six months, the container should be completely discarded for a new storage container. One's contacts might be completely cleansed and uninfected, but a dirty storage container can contaminate them and then lead to eye infections once they are placed in the eyes.

Breathable contacts can minimize the discomfort that traditional contacts sometimes cause people when worn over extended periods of time. They make it so that people can still play sports, drive over long periods of time, wear their favorite pair of sunglasses without having to put prescriptions lenses in them, and much more. Plus, they can help keep the eyes feeling healthy and reduce the risk of infections.

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