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Are you a movie goer and do you have your favorite movie star? If yes, probably you're deeply impressed by the heroines of the old movies, aren't you? Actually, classic old movies are the most touching, not only due to their intricate plots but also to the mysterious heroines starring them. As far as I am concerned, ladies at that time are more attractive than those of today. They are more mysterious, charming and elegant. In this case, you need weapons to decorate your wardrobe. Vintage cat eye glasses are your very option, I suppose. Now just follow me and I'll share with you some of the most “in” styles of vintage cat eye glasses.

In the fall of 2011, Prada initially launched a series of cat eye glasses, which were so amazing as to win a second glance. And ever since then, vintage cat eye glasses have come into the limelight. However, as is commonly recognized, the prices of the products of big brands are too high to reach for ordinary people. In addition, the eyeglasses industry is a highly profitable one. Therefore, to purchase a pair of glasses boasting high cost-effectiveness is not that easy. A good option is to visit the online stores, where both the first-class service and high-end quality are provided. Next I'll share with you the trendy vintage cat eye glasses produced by the online spectacles seller.


There are two kinds of vintage cat eye glasses: the classic style and the modified style. The classic style of vintage cat eye glasses is much similar to the shape of the masks designed for the masquerades, demonstrating the mysterious part of the wearer to the fullest extent. Whereas the modified style is more suitable for daily wear. With the frame widened and the cat eye softened, the modified style of vintage cat eye glasses is much more fashionable and distinct.

Apart from the two styles mentioned above, the newly launched vintage cat eye glasses also vary in materials and designs. As for the material, you can choose metals, plastics or the currently popular material of titanium, which boasts high durability and lightness. As for the designs, frameless, semi rimless frames and full rimmed frames, all satisfy wearers of different likings.

Just click your mouse and pay a visit to the online store now. I'm sure you can find out your favorite type of vintage cat eye glasses with the help of Virtual Try-on!

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