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Millions of people rely on glasses and contacts to see the world around them with clear vision. While these are reliable methods that can be used to correct poor eyesight, the fact is that they are not the most convenient methods available. You may know one or even several people who have already had corrective laser eye surgery. This is a type of surgical procedure that is designed to permanently correct poor eyesight. By eliminating your reliance on glasses and contact lenses, you can enjoy an improved quality of life through this procedure. Many would love to enjoy the end result of the procedure, but they have concerns. For example, the safety of the procedure, the cost, their suitability as a candidate for it and other factors may be concerns. If you have these or other concerns, one of the best steps that you can take is to learn more about the procedure by contacting the office of Dr. Boothe in Plano.

While any of the Dallas area laser eye surgeons can provide you with more information about the procedure, there are some good reasons why you want to call the office of Dr Boothe to learn more. First, you can schedule a free initial consultation with his office to learn more about the procedure in person. By doing so, you can meet with the doctor personally. This doctor has helped over 135,000 patients over a 15 year period of time, so you can get your questions answered by one of the most highly experienced professionals in the country. In addition, you can tour the facility, meet with the staff and even see the equipment in person. The staff can provide you with information about the recovery time, the cost and financing options available.

The fact is that while you may have some questions about the procedure now, meeting with Dr Boothe and his team at his Plano office can help you to learn more about it. By learning more, you can overcome some of your worries or concerns about it. Calling the office today to schedule your initial consultation is a great step to take if you believe that you would benefit from laser eye surgery.

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