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Nearsightedness or myopia occurs when a person cannot see distant objects clearly and needs glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision. Controversy has arisen as to whether this condition is genetic or is developed through other factors. Once someone becomes nearsighted, the process is irreversible. The only way to correct their vision is through glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery. Is there anything one can do to prevent nearsightedness? Many experts say yes. In the following paragraphs, there are some tips that one can do to prevent nearsightedness.

Many studies have shown that nearsightedness is caused by focusing on close-up objects, such as books or the television for lengthy amounts of time. Lengthy amounts of times in front of television are not advised and should be broken up into 20 to 30 minutes with at least five minute breaks in between to rest the eye muscles.


In addition, one should use correct posture while reading, writing, and watching television. One should not sit too close to the television or hold a book too close to the eyes, as this will strain the eyes.

In addition, good lighting is essential when reading. One should make sure that they have adequate light on to see what they are reading. Clear printing and sufficient font size is also important. One should be able to hold the book or magazine 8 to 10 inches away from their eyes and see clearly. Holding the book too close to the eyes will cause more eye strain.

Another important way to help prevent nearsightedness is to get enough sleep. Just like it is important for muscles to rest in order to repair, it is important for eye muscles to rest. Getting enough sleep is key for healthy eyes.

A healthy diet also can contribute to healthy eyes which may prevent nearsightedness. Vitamins A, C and E are known for improving eye sight. In particular, milk, green leafy vegetables and carrots are high in these nutrients and should be consumed regularly.

Through the years, some people have said that certain eye movement exercises may benefit the muscles, thus reducing the risk of myopia. However, recent studies have shown that these exercises have proved to show no link towards preventing nearsightedness. The best way to prevent nearsightedness is through avoiding lengthy TV or computer sessions, or at least taking breaks every 20-30 minutes, adequate lighting, not sitting too close to the TV or computer, rest and a good diet.

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